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The corporate information these results are derived from was last updated in June 2022.

Logging Operations

Province Concession Area (Ha) Licence Type Licence Number Year(s) Acquired Period (years) Contractor/Exporter Parent Company Log Exports
E.N.B. Nutuve (Pulpul) 52,843 TRP 15-59 1990 40 KISOI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. No parent


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Related Logging Companies

0 companies involved in logging contracts with KISOI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.

Company to Company Connections

0 companies listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as having held shares in, or had shares held by, KISOI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.

People Involved

11 people listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as a past or present director, shareholder or secretary of KISOI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.

Person Investigative Reports Role Start End
Camilus TATI 0 Shareholder 1990
Camilus TATI 0 Director 1994
Dominic KOSEL 0 Secretary 1994 2009
Eunice TALITA 0 Director 1990 1994
George RAGONG 0 Director 1994 2009
Grahame WARD 0 Secretary 1990 1994
Kosel DOMINIC 0 Director 1994 2009
Michael Jon MAYBERRY 0 Secretary 1990 1994
Pilatus GRAMME 0 Director 1990 1994
Robert MULIKING 0 Director 2010
Simon TATI 0 Director 2005
Simon TATI 0 Shareholder 2010
Wichai PICHIANARAM 0 Director 1999 2005

Associated Addresses

2 addresses listed by the Investment Promotion Authority for KISOI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.

Po Box 1106, Rabaul, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
Portion No: 227, Allotment 2, Kokopo Road, Butuwin, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea