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Province Concession Area (Ha) Licence Type Licence Number Year(s) Acquired Period (years) Contractor/Exporter Parent Company Log Exports
E. Sepik Hawain 41,723 LFA 11-02 1992 10 TZEN RESOURCES LIMITED No parent


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Logging company sends police to terrorise village leader PDF

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0 companies listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as having held shares in, or had shares held by, TZEN RESOURCES LIMITED

People Involved

10 people listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as a past or present director, shareholder or secretary of TZEN RESOURCES LIMITED

Person Investigative Reports Role Start End
Chan Char LEE 0 Director 2005 2016
Chan Char LEE 0 Shareholder 2005 2016
Chan Khoon LEE 0 Shareholder 2016 2019
Cheng Ann LEE 0 Director 2016 2019
Ee Fei LEE 0 Director 2005
Ee Fei LEE 0 Shareholder 2005
Ee Tzen LEE 0 Director 2019
Ee Tzen LEE 0 Shareholder 2019
James Ling Wong PUANG 0 Director 2004 2005
Kheng Wee LEE 0 Director 2004 2005
Kin Siew TAN 0 Director 2004 2004
Koh Woo LING 0 Director 2009 2015
Shamsul Hisam Bin MOHD SHAH 0 Director 2016 2019

Associated Addresses

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Section 53, Allotment 25, Gordons, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea